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The software that streamlines the management of your Day Centre.

Pinkus® has been created by day centre professionals so that you have more time to take better care of your users.

software para centros de día, Pinkus.

Take advantage now of the DIGITAL KIT to digitise your Day Centre with Pinkus.

Meet Pinkus

What is Pinkus?

Pinkus is a software designed by Day Centre professionals that will allow you to streamline the management of all areas:

Management of users.

All the information necessary to draw up the Individual Care Plan, medical reports, incidents, …

Therapy Management.

Creation of guidelines, objectives, therapeutic reports, programming of scales, assessment, tests, …

Management of your Centre.

Attendance records, intake, medication, HACCP, …

Administrative management.

Invoicing and issuing of receipts to send SEPA to the bank, Dependency management, …

Labour Management.

Registration of employees, holiday requests, bag of hours, own affairs, payroll, training, …

Supplier management, commercial, private area for families and more.

Agility for all areas of management of your day centre.

All these advantages make it easier and more agile to manage your Day Centre, allowing you more time to better attend to your users.

Benefits of Pinkus

  • Smoother internal communication

    At-a-glance access to user information, task alerts and individual employee information.

  • Increased efficiency in day-to-day management

    More time so that users are better attended to, tasks are in order and day-to-day life is easier.

  • More chance of success with the administration

    Being digitalised will help you to win contracts with the Administration, to comply with the UNE 158201 Standard, to obtain Quality certificates and to pass inspections (Labour, Social Services, Health, ...).

  • Consolidating the Person-Centred Care model

    Pinkus has functionalities for the elaboration and follow-up of personalised Care Plans (PIA, PAI...).

  • Centralised information accessible at the click of a button

    Higher quality information on all the management areas of your Day Centre, in a single, visually appealing place.

  • Increased security

    Your data will always be safe with daily backups and you will comply with the Data Privacy Act RGPD.

  • Better communication with families

    Families will be able to access relevant information about their family member.

Pinkus will become an essential tool for the management of your day-to-day life.

And all this is possible in a very simple way

  • No computer skills required

    With an intuitive interface that makes it very easy to use.

  • No initial investment and immediate benefits

    No initial outlay, simply enter your details and in a few hours you will enjoy all the benefits.

  • No commitment of permanence

    With a one month free trial and then a monthly fee per use, with no minimum time commitment.

  • No installation, only Internet connection required

    And you can access the programme from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why choose Pinkus

It is specific for day centres.

Because Pinkus has been developed from the experience and with the continuous participation of professionals from day centres, with the language and information you need and without the complications of programmes for residential homes.

It is affordable, complete and without small print.

Because our prices are transparent, simple and include all the management areas and support you need to optimise the management of your day centre.

Our customers are happy.

Because we listen to our customers and listen to their proposals for improvement, and together we grow.


Because Pinkus is developed by ALTAI Soft, a company with more than 30 years of experience in software development, with all the certifications in quality and cybersecurity.

Consultancy service.

Because we can guide you to optimise the services you offer and help you anticipate future scenarios in the health and social care sector.

And if you want to go a step further in the process of digital transformation of your day centre: design your website, equip yourself with computers, Tablets, etc. consult us and let us be your digitalisation advisor.

Contact us and let us advise you without obligation.

What can you do with Pinkus?

The Digital Kit, we help you to get it.

Thanks to the Digital Kit Project, Day Centres can now apply for grants to implement digital management programmes such as Pinkus in your Day Centre.

Contact us and we will help you with all the steps to get the financial subsidies to digitise with Pinkus. Our developer ALTAI Soft, Digitalising Agent adhered to the Digital Kit programme for Pinkus software, will take care of all the paperwork so that you can continue to focus on the care of your users.

Now is the time to digitise your Day Centre, don’t miss this opportunity, we can help you.

User management
  • All the information needed to make the Individual Care Plan: Life history, biography and events, About me, facts of the client’s life.
    Incidents and notes at individual level
    Medical, therapeutic, multidisciplinary reports,…
    Authorisation Management
    Records of various areas (attendance, intake, oral hygiene and toilet steps, treatments in the day centre).
    Communication with home and family and registration of orders to the home (medication, absorbents,…)

Therapy Management

Management and programming of scales, assessment and tests.
Management of therapy reports.
Formulation and monitoring of objectives, guidelines and treatments as well as their subsequent evaluation.

Management of your Centre
  • Registration and communication of incidents with priority indicator.
    System of alerts and scheduling of activities.
    HACCP records (cleaning, equipment temperatures and meals).
    Supplier management.
    Scheduling maintenance plan for equipment and facilities.
    Transport management.
Administrative Management
  • Management of pre-invoicing (services, incidents during the stay, … ).
    Management of remittances and collection of SEPA remittances.
    Export to accounting.
    Invoicing management with Public Entities (Community profile, City Council).
    If you are an entity with several centres, “multi-centre” management option.
Labour Management
  • Check-in and check-out of the working day
    Planning of staff activities and functions
    Payroll incidents
    Requests or additional work, leave, own business and holidays
    Team meetings
    Training records
Other utilities
  • Commercial monitoring: Information sheets and customer service.
    Private area for families with access to reports, objectives, invoices and general communication of the centre.
    Management of dependency and benefits linked to the service.
    Public Entity Profile (e.g.: Framework Agreement in the Community of Madrid).

What do they say about us?

Frequently asked questions

Why did we create Pinkus?

Pinkus was created in 2013 by day centre professionals in response to the lack of software that adapted to the specific needs of day centres. And we continue to adapt and improve thanks to actively listening to our clients’ proposals for improvement and incorporating the requirements of the socio-health sector.

Who developed the Pinkus software?

Pinkus has been developed by ALTAI Soft, a company with more than 30 years of experience in software development.

How do I access Pinkus?

Via the Internet on a secure website https://

What is the installation format?

Pinkus is a web-based SaaS (Software as a Service), so you don’t have to install or upgrade versions. You just need to have access to the Internet.

Where is the information hosted?
The information is hosted on ALTAI Soft servers, which are located in Spain. The programme automatically performs a daily backup of all the information stored to ensure maximum security.
How secure is my personal data?
The servers are certified in computer security and the programme automatically backs up all stored information on a daily basis.
What is the price of Pinkus?

Pinkus offers a simple and transparent pricing structure. The first month is free for you to try it without obligation, and then you pay a monthly fee of €129 + VAT.

What is included in the monthly price?

The monthly price includes everything: access to all the management areas of your Day Centre; access for 20 employees; 2-hour start-up; maintenance and updates; and technical support for use. For more information please contact us.

Is there a minimum permanence?

No, access is without minimum time of permanence.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no added costs and no further investment is required, everything is included in the monthly price.

Are there any additional services?

Additional services are optional and are charged only if needed. These services include: the initial uploading of a database, personalisation of invoices or therapeutic reports, personalisation of the contract between the Day Centre and the user, etc.

What does the Usability Support include?

Technical Support is our service for resolving technical queries via e-mail

Request access to free demo or ask your questions without obligation

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    Contact us and discover Pinkus.

    The easiest way to digitise your Day Centre!

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